Reliv Independent Distributor
Our Journey Of Hope
Welcome, friend! If you're like us, we were curious, yet a little skeptical when we were first introduced to these incredible products. In 2010 we were approached by some friends about Reliv, and took the time to hear stories so we could make a good educated decision. Needless to say, we saw hope that our lives could be different.
   When David started taking the products, he would have said he was healthy, even though he had what most people would label as "normal' health issues. Rhonda was experiencing health issues and struggled to get through the day. We both were looking for answers for energy, aches and discomfort, headaches, digestive issues, aching muscles, weak immune systems, among other things.
   The Reliv products gave us the boost we needed to gain back our health and function at a higher level! David has the energy of a teenager again and Rhonda can be the mom and wife she always wanted to be. Our daughters are also thriving and healthy because of these products. Together as a family, we have embraced being an active family who love the results of the Fit3 lifestyle!
   After seeing results, we jumped into sharing with everyone, and used two of the biggest tools available- stories and the help of our mentors. We share part time around our family, and love being a small part of changing people's lives for the better. We have time and financial freedom we could never have dreamed of achieving with a regular job! And the bonus? Many new friends and mentors around the world we wouldn't have a relationship with if we would have said "No".
   We encourage you to start the Reliv products and contact us to take a look at an amazing business opportunity. We also highly recommend taking a look at how you can give back to people in need through the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. We have a better way!
   The question is: Are YOU ready to do something about your health or finances,
perhaps both?